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August Newsletter
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Back to School Special: Save 10% on weeks 10 & 11!

There are only 2 weeks of camp left this season before it is time to hit the books, so to celebrate the remaining weeks of summer we are offering a Back-to-School Special where you can save 10% when you sign up for both weeks 10 and 11 (August 12-16 and August 19-23)! 

5 types of students in semester-long watersports classes – Which type are you?

There are several different categories of students who register for and enjoy semester-long watersports classes. Which category are you?

Accessibility Update: Blind Wakeboarder Scott Leason to compete at Worlds

A core tenant of the culture at MBAC is to ensure access to watersports for all who wish to participate. For persons with disabilities or other limitations, enjoying watersports can seem like an impossibility. Our goal is to make the impossible possible.

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