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Windsurf Board Rentals

In order to rent our windsurf boards you must be checked off by either completing the prerequisite class at MBAC or complete a 2-hour orientation/check-off if you have previous windsurfing experience.  We are a self-service rental facility and when you rent a windsurf board you are required to launch, rig, de-rig, and clean up your equipment.

Windsurf Board Rental Policies:

  1. Customers under 18 years old that have been checked off to be able to rent must always be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian that has also been checked off when they rent.
  2. You must leave a photo ID at the front desk while renting.
  3. All equipment must be returned within 2.5 hours or 1/2 hour before closing--whichever comes first.
  4. You must wear a lifejacket at ALL TIMES.
  5. You are not allowed to go under any bridges.


Windsurf Boards

Windsurf Boards

XX windsurf boards with sail sizes ranging from ## to ##.

This equipment requires prequalification.


2.5 hour rental Fee SDSU/UCSD Current Student
1-Visit $31 $26
3-Visit $67 $57
6-Visit $113 $93

Save money with 3-visit and 6-visit packages!