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Boat and Equipment Rentals

We offer some of the best rental rates on Mission Bay for stand up paddleboards, kayaks, sailboats, and windsurfing equipment. We do not take reservations for equipment rentals and you must be pre-qualified to rent our sailboats or windsurfing equipment. 


All of our equipment is of the highest quality. We have SurfTech paddleboards ranging in sizes from 9'6" to 12'1" and sit-on-top kayaks available to rent without any experience. For our customers that have completed an equipment pre-qualification, we have Sabots, Lasers, Quests, Hobie Getaways, sit-inside kayaks, and windsurfers available to rent. All rental equipment is required to be launched from our facility and kept on the west side of Mission Bay.

We also offer full-day rentals of surfboards, wetsuits, bodyboards, wakeboards, and life jackets that can be transported offsite. J/24 keelboats and Nautique wakeboard and waterski boats are available to rent with a skipper and must be scheduled in advance.


No experience is required to rent a stand up paddleboard or sit-on-top kayak and we will complete a brief orientation with you the first time that you rent. For equipment that requires pre-qualification (sailboats, windsurfers, and sit-inside kayaks), you must complete a skills evaluation for that specific equipment by either completing the prerequisite class at MBAC or completing a 2-hour private lesson.

Additional instruction may be required if minimum skills are not demonstrated during the lesson.  Age requirements and policies are specific to each type of equipment and can be viewed by clicking the specific equipment below.  Qualifications are valid for 5 years from qualification date or the last date that specific equipment was rented.

Participants who wish to become qualified to rent a sailboat at MBAC through a private lesson orientation/check off will be required to demonstrate the following:

  • Identify the equipment necessary to rig the boat
  • Demonstrate proper and safe launching procedure
  • Demonstrate proper rigging and a knowledge of basic sailing terminology
  • Understand proper beach launching procedures including operation of kick up rudders
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic navigation rules of the road
  • Demonstrate proper sail trim for all points of sail
  • Demonstrate proper turns in a sailboat including heading up, bearing away, tacking, and jibing
  • Demonstrate the ability to efficiently sail to an upwind destination
  • Demonstrate a capsize recovery
  • Know and follow MBAC procedures for derigging and cleaning and storing equipment

Rental Equipment