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Stand Up Paddling Lessons & Classes

We offer many options for stand up paddleboard lessons or classes for beginner or intermediate stand up paddling (SUP) in San Diego.  For stand up paddleboard rental information visit our Rentals Page at

Our Introduction to Stand Up Paddling class provides on-land instruction before heading out on the water with one of our stand up paddleboard instructors by your side.  While stand up paddling might seem quite simple, many people do it incorrectly until taking one of our classes.  Our instructors will be able to perfect your body position making sure that you are utilizing your core and getting a good workout in.  

A unique experience is our Moonlight Paddling excursion. On this guided tour, you will explore Mission Bay under the moon and stars and take advantage of the typically glassy night conditions. 

If looking for a new routine for your workout, our Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga is a great option. Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga turns your stand up paddleboard into a floating yoga mat.  The calmness of Mission Bay will help you relax and help all of your worldly cares float away.  Our certified yoga instructors will guide you through a series of yoga poses as you challenge your body and balance on a stand up paddleboard.