Semester Intermediate Surfing | Mission Bay Aquatic Center, San Diego, CA
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This course is perfect for those that have taken ENS Surfing or have some experience surfing. This course will review topics such as swells, surf conditions, and terminology. Surfing at least once a week will make you a better surfer in no time.


SDSU/UCSD Students Fee: $180.00
All Others Fee: $225.00

Upcoming Classes

Class Runs # of Sessions Day(s) Time Enroll
9/5/2023-12/5/2023 13 Tu 10:00AM-11:40AM
9/5/2023-12/5/2023 13 Tu 12:00PM-1:40PM
9/5/2023-12/5/2023 13 Tu 2:00PM-3:40PM
9/6/2023-12/6/2023 13 W 9:00AM-10:40AM
9/6/2023-12/6/2023 13 W 1:00PM-2:40PM
9/6/2023-12/6/2023 13 W 3:00PM-4:40PM
9/7/2023-12/7/2023 13 Th 10:00AM-11:40AM
9/7/2023-12/7/2023 13 Th 12:00PM-1:40PM
9/7/2023-12/7/2023 13 Th 2:00PM-3:40PM
2/6/2024-4/30/2024 12 Tu 10:00AM-11:40AM
2/6/2024-4/30/2024 12 Tu 12:00PM-1:40PM
2/6/2024-4/30/2024 12 Tu 2:00PM-3:40PM
1/31/2024-4/24/2024 12 W 9:00AM-10:40AM
1/31/2024-4/24/2024 12 W 1:00PM-2:40PM
1/31/2024-4/24/2024 12 W 3:00PM-4:40PM
2/1/2024-4/25/2024 12 Th 10:00AM-11:40AM
2/1/2024-4/25/2024 12 Th 12:00PM-1:40PM
2/1/2024-4/25/2024 12 Th 2:00PM-3:40PM

The classes listed above are only open to currently registered SDSU students. Students must be registered through the university for this class. All class information and assignments will be shared through Canvas, which you will be able to access after enrolling on my.SDSU.