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Surfing Lessons & Classes

San Diego is the perfect place to learn to surf in one of our group surfing lessons or classes.  Mission Beach offers some of the best waves to learn to surf. Our experienced instructors will teach you the basics of surfing in the classroom and on land before heading out into the surf to catch some waves.  We offer one or four day surfing classes to fit your schedule.  Surfing can be a challenging sport to learn, so the more time you are able to practice, the better.

The Surfing-Four Session is the most comprehensive recreation surfing class that we offer and will give you the most practice time in the water.

If your schedule only allows you to spend one day learning to surf, then the Introduction to Surfing class is a great option to try the sport.

In all of our surfing lessons you will learn the basics including surfing etiquette, safety information, tides and currents, wave formation, and information about local conditions and surf breaks. All lessons and classes include all necessary equipment (surfboards, wetsuits, rashguards).