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So you can paddle now? Use those skills on the Colorado River.

canoeingAre you interested in applying your paddling skills after learning the basics at MBAC? Both Aztec Adventures at SDSU and Outback Adventures at UCSD offer overnight outings where you can canoe or kayak on the Colorado River and continue your adventure.
canoeingThe Aztec Adventures program at Associated Students of SDSU’s Aztec Recreation offers adventure seekers 3-night trips canoeing the Colorado River while making a stop to explore the Black Canyon Hot Springs. This four day trip includes all canoeing and camping equipment you need, transportation, and food, and is led by outdoor professionals.  On this trip your canoe serves as your vehicle, playground, and suitcase all rolled into one. This trip begins 10 miles below the Hoover Dam and you will paddle upstream between towering cliffs and looming canyon walls while exploring side canyons and natural hot springs.  Be prepared for a VERY physically demanding upriver paddle, but the incredible landscape, sauna cave, and view while sleeping under the desert stars are all worth the hard work.

If you prefer a kayak as your vessel, the outdoor professionals at UC San Diego Recreation have an excursion that will be unforgettable.  This 3-night trip will also take you up the Colorado River between its towering walls and will provide exploration opportunities in Goldstrike Canyon’s heated waterfall.  This adventure will include time to explore many hot springs, which is a great way to relax after much hard work to get there. Your outback guides will provide all of the necessary camping gear, food, and transportation. Be ready for a tough, but very rewarding adventure.

Both of these incredible outings are open to the public and are an affordable way to explore new scenery from either a canoe or kayak. For a complete list of details on these trips and all the other outdoor adventures offered, visit Aztec Recreakayakingtion’s Aztec Adventures or UC San Diego Recreation’s Outback Adventures.

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