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New SUP Adventure Series launched July 8

SUP Adventure SeriesOur new SUP Adventure Series includes four action-packed days of fun on the water.  The first series got off to a great start on July 8, but lucky for you the next one begins July 29, so there’s still time to join in on the fun.

Paddlers will start day 1 with a tour of Mission Bay’s paddle-friendly locations.  On day 2, you will learn advanced maneuvers and put them to use on our fun and challenging on-the-water obstacle course. On the third day, your instructor will guide you to one of the best yoga studios in the world… a peaceful cove where you’ll transform your paddleboard into a yoga mat. By the last day, you’ll be ready to go the distance on our sleek racing boards and put those racing tactics you learn to use.

If that didn’t get your heart racing and ready join, here’s a few more reasons to sign up today:

  1. The water is warm and the air is way more fresh than a gym sock!
  2. Play in a fun atmosphere with the right energy.  We’ve planned obstacle courses, yoga, and fun races.  You’ll have so much fun you won’t even realize you’re learning!
  3. Blend in with the pros in the line up. Our SUP Adventure Series develops balance and maneuvers necessary for the transition from flat water to the surf.
  4. Become a world-class racer.  Our SUP Adventure Series introduces new paddlers to paddle techniques, efficiency strategies, and equipment designs that will bump you up a few notches on the leaderboard.
  5. Work your core.  We all hear that SUP is a great core workout, but did you know that most people don’t practice the proper technique? As a result,  most people don’t get that core workout. Our ACA certified instructors will make sure that you learn the proper way to paddle and get started on that six pack!

The next series begins soon, so make sure to register early and reserve your spot so you’ll have something new, fun, and exciting to look forward to this summer!

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