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Miss summer camp already? Check out our year-round youth programs.

MBAC Youth ProgramsWe had an amazing summer, and we thank all of you for helping make this camp season one of the best yet!  If you are already feeling the end of summer blues the fun doesn’t have to end!  MBAC offers a number of opportunities year-round for kids and families to have fun on the water.  Check out our list of upcoming activities for kids, and some for kids and families to enjoy together!

For more information or to enroll visit:

  • MBAC Adopt-a-Beach Cleanup – Do your part to protect the marine environment by volunteering at our beach clean up.  You can help protect the animals that live in the bay and keep the water clean where we play!
    • 11/12 9am-12pm (no pre-registration required) **FREE EVENT**
  • Inspire Charter School -Did you know that Mission Bay Aquatic Center offers a Specialty Program for students enrolled in or seeking alternative education opportunities? Each week students meet twice a week at MBAC to receive academic support from a credentialed ICS teacher in the morning followed by on-the-water enrichment with MBAC instructors each afternoon. Students benefit from hands-on and group learning experiences that put classroom principles into real world action through watersports. Learn more at or schedule a time to check out the program by contacting Kevin Waldick at kw******@ma**.edu.
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