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MBAC Instructor receives national recognition during International Women in Science Day

MBAC Former STEM Assistant

Recently, MBAC resident Marine Science Program Assistant, Sara Rosenblatt, was recognized by U.S. Sailing for her achievements in developing STEM programs for kids as part of International Women and Girls in Science Day. Sara, an SDSU Marine Ecology Masters candidate and U.S. Sailing Reach educator, has worked diligently to develop a marine science program at MBAC that inspires interest in ocean conservation, and develops lifelong connections to the ocean through real world experiences.

Sara, who originally became interested in science as a young camper herself, feels it is her role to inspire both girls and boys alike to be interested in STEM and STEM careers at an early age.

Sara Roesenblatt Seine Netting

“I have always been interested in the ocean and attending marine science camp as a kid is what inspired me to pursue science as a career,” Sara shared one sunny afternoon at MBAC as she prepared seine netting equipment for next week’s Marine Science Afterschool Enrichment program. “As a young girl I had multiple teachers and counselors that served as mentors along the way and seeing women that I looked up to involved in STEM helped give me the confidence to become a scientist.”

Sara believes that loving what you teach, and being passionate about your knowledge that you share with others greatly aids in an educator’s ability to excite their students about the sciences.

Photo taken prior to 2020.

We are so proud of the work that Sara continues to do in developing opportunities for young girls to be exposed to science and the ocean environment and look forward to seeing her bright future unfold.

Marine Science is now available as an Afterschool Enrichment activity, starting with a special 4-day Marine Science camp next week, and as a weekly camp this summer. Other Afterschool Enrichment activities include, wakeboardng, basic sailing, introduction to watersports, and more.

Learn about all of the Afterschool Enrichment activities available this spring at!

Photo taken prior to 2020.

To read U.S. Sailing’s article on Sara click here:

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