Boating Safety

Gov. Brown signs boating safety law

A recently approved law in California will address safety concerns of California power boaters.  On September 18, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a boater safety bill requiring all operators of powerboats in California to be in possession of a Vessel Operator Card and pass a safety course. Read More

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Transworld Wakeboarding implements No Vest, No Photo policy

Major wakeboarding industry publication says no more “unsafe” riding on the pages of their monthly.

Transworld Wakeboarding has declared in it’s January issue (the 20th anniversary edition), that they will no longer feature photos of riders not wearing a life jacket while riding behind a boat or in a large cable park. Read More

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CA Governor attempting to eliminate Cal Boating… again?!

For the 5th time in the past 2 decades, the Governor of California is attempting to eliminate the California Department of Boating and Waterways , the department responsible for providing accountability, transparency and leadership regarding the collection and use of boater-derived taxes and fees, and the best use of these funds for programs that benefit boating. Read More

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