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Over 90 Volunteers Participate in MBAC’s Fall Beach Cleanup

Clean up
On Sunday, November 17th 90 participants gathered at Mission Bay Aquatic Center for our second beach cleanup in 2013.  Over 87 pounds of trash were picked up by
volunteers that combed the beaches, alleys, and streets nearby in Mission Beach.  As the rainy season approaches, we become more concerned with trash and litter that washes into our bay and
ocean and try to do all that we can to prevent pollutants from entering our water playground.

The amount of trash that accumulates on the beaches can seem minimal, so we’ve compiled a list of all of the trash collected by 90 volunteers in 2 hours to give you perspective on how much trash can potentially end up in our ocean and bay:

  • 1048 cigarette butts
  • 304 pieces of cardboard, napkins and other paper items
  • 144 individual bottle caps
  • 112 food wrappers
  • 81 plastic bottles and utensils
  • 56 plastic bags
  • 47 glass bottles, and pieces
  • 42 pieces of
  • 22straws
  • 2 tires
  • 2 beach

Some of the more interesting items picked up include:

  • A wet couch cushion
  • A car starter
  • A shopping cart (yes they are recyclable!)
  • Keys that had been lost for a week that were returned to a very excited owner

Thank you to everyone that came out and helped us tidy up our San Diego backyard.   We will continue to host beach cleanups, with a goal is to complete 3 cleanups every calendar
year.  Make sure that you are signed up to receive our Newsletter so that you are notified when we do any future cleanups.

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