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Parking Information

Don't let parking ruin your day

Parking can be challenging in the Mission Beach area, especially on weekends and nice, warm weather days. We encourage participants of scheduled classes to arrive early to provide ample time to find parking, however, there are free and paid parking options available near MBAC.

Free parking

The lot on Santa Clara Point is a public lot and therefore fills up early. There are several nearby parking lots in the area that are a short walk, ride or skate from MBAC. Check out the map for nearby parking lots. The parking lots South of MBAC near Belmont Park and the Bahia Hotel are a good bet to find open spots during busier periods and are a scenic one mile stroll along the bay boardwalk.

Paid parking

Paid parking lots are near by on Mission Blvd near the Mission Cafe, and 1/2 mile north of MBAC at the Catamaran Resort (3999 Mission Boulevard) just a short walk to the facility for those who do not want to wait for a spot.

Other options

We highly encourage you to ride a bike, skateboard or take public transportation to MBAC, especially if you live nearby. Aside from the benefits on the environment, and to your overall health, it can make for a much more pleasurable day to avoid having to deal with parking. We have a bike rack directly outside our building. If you ride your skateboard to MBAC we can hold onto it for you at our front desk while you’re out on the water.