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Semester Classes

Semester watersports classes are offered at MBAC through the San Diego State University School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences. We offer classes in sailing, surfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, wakesurfing, stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, rowing, windsurfing. SDSU and USD students can take these classes for college credit, however, they are open to EVERYONE and are a great value for someone who would like to take a longer term course.  Please note that SDSU students taking courses for credit will be given priority. Classes DO NOT meet during the regularly scheduled time during the first week. All classes except Keelboat Sailing will meet at MBAC beginning the second week of class. 

To pay your lab fee choose a class section from the schedule below and click Enroll.

Semester Classes Offered


Learn the basics of sailing in a variety of boats including the 14' RS Quest and 16' Hobie Getaway catamaran. This course is for all levels of sailors. Knowledge and confidence are built through lectures and sailing on the protected waters of Mission Bay. Topics include sailing theory, boat handling, safety, right of way, knots and docking.


Learn the basics of sailing on a 24' keelboat as a member of a team in this blended learning course. The first part of the course will be online where you can work at your own pace through September, followed by in person sailing instruction starting in October on the dates specified in the schedule below. 


Learn to windsurf on the protected waters of Mission Bay. Skills that will be taught include rigging, steps to sailing, terminology, sailing theory and water safety. Two sizes of boards, five sail sizes and a dry land simulator are available to give everyone a successful experience. This course will ensure that you get a lot of on-the-water coaching and will be confident enough to rent our equipment on your own.


This course is the most comprehensive class we offer to learn to wakeboard or learn new skills. Our instructors will give you personalized instruction no matter what level rider you are. With weekly coaching, your skills will progress very quickly.


Having trouble deciding between the Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing classes at MBAC? Try this class and get experience doing both! Wakeboarding is best when the water is as calm as possible and Wakesurfing works well when the wind begins to pick up. In this class the conditions will determine which sport you do so you get the most out of every session. Our Nautique tow boats switch between wakeboarding and wakesurfing modes at the flip of a switch. Our instructors will give you personalized instruction no matter what level rider you are. With weekly coaching, your skills will progress very quickly.


This course is the most comprehensive course we offer to learn to wakeboard or waterski or learn new skills. Our instructors will give you personalized instruction no matter what level rider you are. With weekly coaching, your skills will progress very quickly. These classes are offered at 8am every morning offering the best conditions for advanced wakeboarders and waterskiers.


This course gives you the opportunity to learn how to wakesurf or learn new skills from our expert instructors. Surf the endless wave created by our fleet of Nautique tow boats all equipped with the Nautique Surf System capable of producing the perfect wave!


Beginning with a lecture on the fundamentals of surfing, you will learn from experienced instructors about topics such as tides, swells, currents, surf conditions, proper equipment, terminology, and etiquette. You will then take that knowledge and put it to practical use by charging the waves of Mission Beach. Each week you will see yourself improve with more practice with our experienced instructors.


This course is perfect for those that have taken ENS Surfing or have some experience surfing. This course will have a more advanced lecture reviewing topics such as swells, surf conditions, and terminology. Surfing at least once a week will make you a better surfer in no time.


Sea kayaks are sleek, fast and very seaworthy. With their sit-inside design and the skills you learn in this class, sea kayaks can become an extension of your body and allow you to glide effortlessly over the water. In this class you will learn the basic paddle strokes, assisted and solo re-entry methods, and touring techniques necessary for low risk and fun sea kayaking adventures. This class will explore Mission Bay and, if conditions permit, paddle into the ocean!


Stand up paddling is an easy way to be active while enjoying being out on the water. Once you've learned the fundamentals of stand up paddling & water safety, you'll continue to develop your paddling technique and learn advanced maneuvers. Students can look forward to bay paddles, SUP games, obstacle courses, SUP Yoga, and a moonlight paddle in this class. 


Learn the fundamentals of yoga on a stand up paddleboard. Instructors will prepare you to practice yoga by focusing on balance, body position, and posture while floating on Mission Bay. Classes will paddle to a peaceful location for instruction from a certified yoga teacher. Feel the connection of body, mind, and spirit in a natural environment.