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MBAC ICS Specialty Program Open House

ICS students bodyboarding

MBAC invites families who are interested or currently participating in alternative education to our Inspire Charter School Specialty Program Open House on December 7th from 11am to 1pm.  The open house will be an opportunity to check out the program, meet the teacher, and even do some sailing with MBAC instructors.


Students enrolled in the program will meet at MBAC two days per week for check-ins, paperwork collection, and academic support with their credentialed teacher. After a lunch break they participate in enrichment activities including sailing, paddleboarding, and other various aquatic and marine science-based programs with MBAC instructors. This blend of academic and enrichment activities is designed to give students the academic support they need while benefiting from group learning and social development opportunities.  Many parents who saw their children experience challenges in traditional education have found the program to be a great fit and place where their students can thrive.

For more information or to RSVP email Mrs. Ralston at ro****@in************.org.

Students looking at specimin from the dersert biome.
Learning about the desert biome.


Building contained ecosystems
Build your own ecosystem!


ICS students sailing
Preparing for Take Your Family Sailing Day!
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