Glen Brandenburg celebrates 101 semesters of service

Glen Brandenburg, Associated Students’ Director of Facilities and Sustainability, and founder of the Mission Bay Aquatic Center, was recently recognized for his 45 years of service to SDSU and the community. Starting as a freshman in 1968, Glen’s contributions to the SDSU community include the founding of the Mission Bay Aquatic Center, and the maintenance of 500,000 sq. ft. of facilities and energy efficiency and renewable energy projects on the San Diego State University campus.

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Word Record Surfboards stacjked on a car

Old MBAC world record archived in Encyclopedia of Surfing

Most people have heard of telephone booth stuffing but few outside of the world of surfing have heard of surfboard stacking, or of MBAC’s 10 year reign as a the world record holder in the category. Now, thank you to the Encyclopedia of Surfing, the record is once again archived in history. Read More

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