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A SUPrise Proposal

Proposing on a SUPOn a beautiful morning in December Lael and her boyfriend Tom came to MBAC for a nice, leisurely paddle on Mission Bay. The two embarked on the bay for a fun day of adventure. Little did Lael know Tom had bigger plans for their morning paddle. With camera in hand on the beach, our staff tracked their progress to the east side of Sail Bay where Tom caught Lael by surprise.

Balancing on his SUP board through the wake of passing boats, he got down on one knee and asked what he says was, “the biggest question of his life.” Excited and with a huge smile Lael said, “YES! Of Course!” The two quickly paddled to shore through the cheers and clapping of boaters and bystanders on the beach, where Tom’s plan came to fruition.

The exciting morning started off when Tom arrived at MBAC at 7am to hammer out all of the details. Nervous and excited he headed off to set his plan in motion and now, as they embarked on their adventure it was time to see if the plan would come together. Across the bay, a close friend and photographer was waiting in secret to capture the moment. They then returned to MBAC where they were met by Tom’s brother and shared a phone call with their parents announcing the exciting news.

As Tom and Lael prepared to meet friends and family for breakfast, they remarked how excited they were that they would be able to come back to MBAC and relive their special moment. They would be able to come paddleboarding and remember the memory of such a happy day. It’s always fun to play a part in someone’s lifelong memory and witness the love and excitement of their experience.

Are you planning on surprising your special someone? Let us know. We’d love to know about and be part of those special moments.

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