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Paddle under 2016’s closest supermoon

SUP under the moonlightThe supermoon on November 14th will not only be the biggest and brightest of 2016, but will be the closest to earth since 1948. This rare occurrence is sure to catch your eye as the supermoon rises in the east on November 13th when it will be the fullest in America.  A unique and exciting way to view this event is from the water in our Moonlight Kayaking or Moonlight Stand Up Paddling excursions.

On Saturday, November 12th, you can explore Mission Bay from your own on-the-water vessel on the night leading up to the supermoon. The three hour excursion beginning at 5pm will start off with your experienced instructors giving you an orientation to kayaking or stand up paddling before embarking on the calm waters of Mission Bay.  At $49 per person, this excursion includes all of the equipment you will need and a guided tour on the water. Register for the supermoon Moonlight Kayaking or the Moonlight Stand Up Paddling today.

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