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New SUPCore program focuses on the mind & body


Instructor teaching land drills in SUP- Basic Skills

Looking for a yoga or fitness class that combines the challenge of a workout with the enjoyment of being outdoors? Escape from the crowds at the gym or the yoga studio and enjoy your time on the flat water of Mission Bay! MBAC is launching a new SUPCore (Stand Up Paddle Core) program that uses stand up paddleboards as a means to enjoy a fitness workout, or the tranquil experience of yoga on a floating mat. The SUPCore program eill start on May 24 and will consists of two new classes, SUPYoga and SUPFit, that will be offered on a session by session basis, or as a series of 4 consecutive sessions.

SUPYoga will begin with a paddle on the bay to warm up our muscles. Then we will gather in a quiet cove and anchor our boards to practice a sequence of asanas (yoga poses) on the flat water. While no prior yoga experience is necessary, this practice will challenge your individual edges of flexibility, focus, strength, and balance. We will conclude with a relaxing savasana (meditation) and finally a short paddle back to shore. SUPYoga is available as a single sessions or as a series of 4 consecutive sessions.

Working out in SUPFit

SUPFit is an active and challenging introduction to stand up paddling as a fitness activity. We will begin with a strong warm-up paddle and progress into fitness exercises covering all the major muscle groups, followed by a series of stretching exercises. Be ready to improve your SUP skills and accomplish a rigorous workout while enjoying your time on the water. SUPFit is available as a single sessions or as a series of 4 consecutive classes.

Both the SUPYoga and SUPFit classes require that you take Stand up Paddling- Basic Skills as a prerequisite. The Stand Up Paddling- Basic Skills class will give you a foundation to build upon and is a great way to build solid fundamental SUP skills. Click here to find a class that will fit your schedule. If you can’t find a date or time that works for you, contact us and we can customize Stand Up Paddling – Basic Skills private lesson to meet your busy schedule.

Call today to experience a new kind of workout that is unique to MBAC!

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