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SUPYoga: A step beyond ordinary yoga

Stand up paddle yoga students
Daniel Dominguez is an MBAC SUPYoga Instructor and Yoga Instructor at the Aztec Recreation Center. He is also a licensed massage therapist

“Doing yoga on a paddle board? That’s crazy!” – The typical response when people first hear about this new blend of activities. Nevertheless, Stand Up Paddle Yoga (SUP Yoga) is becoming more popular for several reasons, but mainly because it gives you the chance to take care of the body and mind while immersed in a natural open environment.

Doing yoga on the water enhances the yoga workout. In SUPYoga, the experience of the poses is intensified by requiring you to engage the core muscles in each pose in order to balance on the board. In addition to the workout component, the practice of yoga while floating on the water induces the practitioner to be present, and helps to achieve the peacefulness needed for a “work-in” (the essential meditative component of yoga no matter where or how it is practiced). In the end, the relaxation you achieve while floating on the water is priceless!

SUPYoga warrior poseThere are many more advantages to taking your yoga sessions outdoors to such unique location. Breathing the ocean breeze becomes a refreshing alternative when compared to that of the yoga studio. When it comes to music, SUPYoga teachers do not need to worry about selecting the right sounds to accompany their class: nature provides the sound of the water waves bumping against the board, the wind whistling, the occasional seagull singing, or the splash of fish jumping out of the water next to the boards. The experience is beyond compare!

SUPYoga classes at the MBAC are open to everyone and no previous experience in yoga is needed to have a safe and enjoyable practice on the water. Since this yoga practice is a completely different experience, all classes start from the basics learning how to find the balance in the poses and progressing into more advanced/challenging positions as students develop skills and confidence.
It does not sound so “crazy” anymore, right? Give it a try! Come and enjoy nature while practicing yoga. We are in San Diego, after all… Why stay indoors?
Leading a SUPYoga class
Visit the Stand Up Paddling page for more information on SUPYoga classes at MBAC or become a fan of SUPCore on Facebook!

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