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There’s still time to add semester-long classes

Rigging a holder 14

There is still time to add a watersports class that will run now through the first week of December. While many of the students in these classes will be taking the course for university credit, it can also be an opportunity for a semester-long class at a great price even if you are not interested in the unit. Many alumni, staff, and members of the community take the classes due to the value of low cost, longer term class.

For example, a two-week basic sailing rec class that meets for four sessions has a normal cost of $149 for non-students, where a fourteen session ENS basic sailing class costs just $169.

The classes meet once a week and are typically scheduled Monday through Friday, however, there are two classes that meet on Saturdays; a morning wakeboarding class and an afternoon surfing class.

If you have the time come on out and spend a semester learning a new activity or refresh yourself on one you already know.

Click here to view the Fall ENS class schedule.

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