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5 benefits of summer camp for kids

campersSummer camp isn’t just a place to send your kids to get them out of the house or off the couch for the summer. It’s an environment designed to spark creativity, encourage development, and create a foundation for future learning. Check out the top 5 benefits campers will gain from their experience this summer at The Watersports Camp:

1. Be Social

Camp buddiesYes, being social happens off-line too and developing skills from face-to-face interaction with peers is a benefit many youth aren’t getting enough of. Camp fosters an environment of inclusion, development, and FUN! With a diverse range of sports, ages, backgrounds, schools, and cultures, campers gain exposure to a number of different experiences that help campers to learn to communicate and interact in new ways.

2. Be Active

wakeboarding campGoing to camp promotes a physically active lifestyle where campers learn to love outdoor activities. While surfing or wakeboarding might not seem like an “exercise routine” it is sure to tire out even some of the most energetic campers.  Campers spend their days building endurance and burning energy while engaging in activities they can enjoy for a lifetime.

3. Develop lifelong skills

sailing campAt The Watersports Camp campers learn fundamental skills through programs designed to foster a passion for watersports. Whether campers are learning how to sail up-wind, how waves form, or how to jump on a wakeboard, they will develop lifelong skills that they can take with them wherever they go.

4. Build self-confidence

camp surfingDeveloping a new skill or learning a new sport for the first time can be nerve wracking. Camp offers a comfortable and encouraging environment to give campers the knowledge and support they need to develop confidence as they take on new challenges. We work to promote an environment where campers thrive and succeed in all aspects of their camp experience.

5. Create lasting memories

tubing camp If you attended camp as a kid chances are those experiences are some of your fondest childhood memories. Going to camp creates experiences and relationships that stand the test of time. Many campers create lasting friendships, develop new passions, and have funny or monumental moments at camp that they will look back on for years to come. As campers meet new friends, develop new skills and interact with their counselors, their time at camp will be something that they will continue to look back on throughout their lives.

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