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ACE studies confirm health benefits of Stand Up Paddling

SUP has many health benefitsThe American Council on Exercise recently conducted two studies examining the health benefits of Stand Up Paddling confirming what many paddlers have assumed to be true: there are plenty of benefits to SUPing and the better you get at it, the bigger the benefit.

The studies are the first to look at whether the anecdotal suggestions by SUP enthusiasts of increasing muscle strength, core conditioning, enhanced balance, and improved cardio conditioning through paddling actually stand up to scientific scrutiny.

The studies concluded that participating in SUP can be a fun and unique alternative to traditional cardiovascular endurance sports such as jogging, biking and swimming.  It also provides adequate muscle stimulation to provide a core-training workout and a substantial balance challenge.  One study concluded that more practice can lead to bigger benefits.

According to Dr. Porcari,  “the more proficient you are on the water—or in any type of workout, for that matter—the better the workout you will get.”

According to everyone involved with the studies stand up paddling is a lot of fun and finding an enjoyable physical activity can lead to better health and true lifestyle change.  So get out on the water and enjoy your workouts!

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