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Save 10% with our ENS Early Bird Special

Save 10% when you register before December 11.For a limited time you can save 10% with our ENS Early Bird Special by paying your Spring 2017 ENS watersport class fee by December 11.  Not sure of your school schedule yet?  Not a problem! Just choose a day and time for your class now and we will happily transfer you to a class that fits your schedule at a later date.  You do not need to register for the unit before paying your fee so it pays to plan ahead.

ENS classes meet once a week to learn a specific watersport for the entire semester.   That’s 15 weeks of watersports where you will have the opportunity to learn a new sport or get out on the water for plenty of practice.  ENS classes are open to students and non-students alike and are one of the best values that MBAC has to offer.

For a complete schedule, or to register, visit the Spring 2017 ENS watersports class page at and be sure to pay your fee by December 11th to save 10%.


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