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Snapbot visits MBAC

Snapbot at MBAC Superfans of Snapchat were excited to wake up and find that the much-hyped Snapbot was making an appearance in San Diego at none other than Mission Bay Aquatic Center.  If you’re not familiar with the Snapbot, it is the only way for consumers to get their hands on Snapchat Spectacles–the company’s first foray into the tech gadget market.  The brightly colored glasses can broadcast first-person clips on the platform popular with teens and tech junkies alike.

Users interested in finding the bot visit where a countdown teases of the bot’s awakening before showing a map of where the bot is somewhere in the world.  Users lucky enough to get there in time can purchase up to two pairs of spectacles.  The bot lasted a couple hours after awakening at MBAC before it was gone.  Other locations of bot appearances include the Grand Canyon, Central Park, and the Rose Bowl.

Energy 103.7 DJ Sonic On Air got a pair.  Check out his video at



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