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Classroom remodel brings new look and tech to MBAC

New MBAC classroomWhen past customers and staff return to MBAC after many years away, most fondly reminisce in the familiar sights and sounds of the center.  Not much has changed in the look and feel of the building over the years, but in the first major renovation of the current century, our classrooms have been updated with a new look, and new function to start a new era in MBAC instruction.

The new look, consisting of some bold changes with bright aquamarine carpet, bamboo laminate cabinets, and LVT woodpanel wall coverings is a big change from the traditional muted brown and redwood has been a welcome change for staff and customers alike.

In addition to the face-lifted decor, the classroom technology has also been updated to include new whiteboards that double as video and presentation screens from short throw projectors that allow instructors to interact with the presentations without casting shadows.  A 109-inch retractable screen allows the new acccordian wall to be opened for large combined classroom presentations, trainings and and movie screenings.

A new modernized HVAC split system heats and cools the room to comfort and daylight harvesting  dimmable LED lights allows for energy-efficient and pleasant classroom lighting.

If you have taken a class in our classrooms in the past, be ready to be WOWed in our new classrooms of the future.

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