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Expanded opportunities for kids this spring!

While summer has always been a popular time for youth to participate in programs at MBAC, we have seen increased demand and interest in opportunities for kids throughout the year. In response we have added several fun and exciting options this spring!

With various activities being offered every month there is sure to be an option to suit your schedule and interest.

STEM Explorations

Our new STEM Explorations program takes learning outdoors through fun and educational hands-on activities. Kids will have the opportunity to work as part of a team to design and test an underwater ROV or will play games where they will develop an appreciation for humans impact on the ocean, and the oceans impact on humans.

Learn more about our new STEM explorations classes here >>

STEM Explorations- ROV Challenge

Enrichment Activities

Students participating in non-traditional education or who have availability during the week can participate in our weekday Watersports Enrichment Classes. Offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or both, students will work on becoming accomplished sailors (Tuesdays), or will develop a wide range of skills in various watersports including paddling and surfing (Thursdays).

youth sailing

Spring Break Programs

For kids whose schedule is booked solid with academic and extracurricular activities and can’t possibly find time for watersports in their schedule, our spring break package may be the perfect opportunity to fit some fun in! Spring break activities will be offered March 25-28 and April 2-5 and include options for sailing, surfing, and paddling.

Check out our spring break packages here >>

President’s Day Weekend Activities

President’s Day weekend is also a great option for a busy student to fit in our STEM Explorations: Think Like a Scientist or Youth Adventure Paddle on February 16th. Kids can have a full day of fun and bring a lunch to enjoy during the supervised lunch break when registered for both activities.

Youth Wakesports Session

The spring youth activity season begins with a Youth Wakesports Session on February 10 where kids can wakeboard and kneeboard behind our brand new 2019 Nautiques. This program sold out in November so register today to ensure your spot!

Youth Wakesports Session

To view the full schedule of spring youth programs visit or check out the list below!

Spring Youth Activities Schedule

Youth Watersports Enrichment Classes1/8/20191/31/201912:00 PM2:30 PMTu Th
Youth Watersports Enrichment Classes1/8/20191/29/201912:00 PM2:30 PMTu
Youth Watersports Enrichment Classes1/10/20191/31/201912:00 PM2:30 PMTh
Youth Watersports Enrichment Classes2/5/20192/26/201912:00 PM2:30 PMTu
Youth Watersports Enrichment Classes2/5/20192/28/201912:00 PM2:30 PMTu Th
Youth Watersports Enrichment Classes2/7/20192/28/201912:00 PM2:30 PMTh
Youth Wakesports Session2/10/20192/10/201912:00 PM3:00 PMSu
Youth Adventure Paddling2/16/20192/16/20191:00 PM3:30 PMSa
STEM Explorations-Think Like A Scientist2/16/20192/16/20199:00 AM11:30 AMSa
STEM Explorations-ROV Design Challenge2/27/20192/27/20199:00 AM11:30 AMW
Youth Basic Sailing3/2/20193/3/20199:00 AM3:30 PMSu Sa
Youth Watersports Enrichment Classes3/5/20193/21/201912:00 PM2:30 PMTu Th
Youth Watersports Enrichment Classes3/5/20193/19/201912:00 PM2:30 PMTu
Youth Watersports Enrichment Classes3/7/20193/21/201912:00 PM2:30 PMTh
Youth Adventure Sailing3/9/20193/10/20199:00 AM4:00 PMSu Sa
STEM Explorations-Think Like A Scientist3/13/20193/13/20199:00 AM11:30 AMW
Youth Wakesports Session3/24/20193/24/201912:00 PM3:00 PMSu
Youth Surfing Spring Break Camp3/25/20193/28/20199:00 AM12:00 PMM Tu W Th
Youth Paddling Spring Break Camp3/25/20193/28/20191:00 PM4:00 PMM Tu W Th
Youth Basic Sailing Spring Break Camp3/25/20193/26/20199:00 AM3:30 PMM Tu
Youth Adventure Sailing Spring Break Camp3/27/20193/28/20199:00 AM3:30 PMW Th
Youth Basic Sailing3/30/20194/7/20191:00 PM4:00 PMSu Sa
Youth Watersports Enrichment Classes4/2/20194/25/201912:00 PM2:30 PMTu Th
Youth Watersports Enrichment Classes4/2/20194/23/201912:00 PM2:30 PMTu
Youth Surfing Spring Break Camp4/2/20194/5/20199:00 AM12:00 PMTu W Th F
Youth Paddling Spring Break Camp4/2/20194/5/20191:00 PM4:00 PMTu W Th F
Youth Basic Sailing Spring Break Camp4/2/20194/3/20199:00 AM3:30 PMTu W
STEM Explorations-ROV Design Challenge4/3/20194/3/20191:00 PM3:30 PMW
Youth Watersports Enrichment Classes4/4/20194/25/201912:00 PM2:30 PMTh
Youth Adventure Sailing Spring Break Camp4/4/20194/5/20199:00 AM3:30 PMTh F
Youth Adventure Sailing4/13/20194/14/20199:00 AM3:30 PMSu Sa
Youth Surfing Session4/14/20194/14/20191:00 PM4:00 PMSu
Youth Basic Sailing4/27/20194/28/20199:00 AM3:30 PMSu Sa
STEM Explorations-The Ocean, Clean Water, and You4/27/20194/27/20199:00 AM11:30 AMSa
Youth Watersports Enrichment Classes4/30/20195/16/201912:00 PM2:30 PMTu Th
Youth Watersports Enrichment Classes4/30/20195/14/201912:00 PM2:30 PMTu
Youth Watersports Enrichment Classes5/2/20195/16/201912:00 PM2:30 PMTh
Youth Wakesports Session5/5/20195/5/20198:00 AM11:00 AMSu
Youth Adventure Sailing5/11/20195/12/20199:00 AM3:30 PMSu Sa
STEM Explorations-ROV Design Challenge5/18/20195/18/20191:00 PM3:30 PMSa
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