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Choosing a Wakeboard or Wakesurfer

Whether it’s your first time riding or you are a seasoned pro, choosing the correct equipment is important to ensuring that you have a good time behind the boat.


The rocker line of a wakeboard is one of the defining characteristics that determines how that board will ride. The wakeboards at MBAC are either continuous or three stage rocker.

Continuous Rocker: Flowing transitions into turns and long trajectory arc off the wake. The Trip and Timba are continuous rocker boards.
Three Stage Rocker: Flatter center curve for speed & rail control. Exaggerated exit angle through tip gives a bucking pop off the wake. The RDX and Rhyme are three stage rocker boards.

Wakeboards at MBAC

The Liquid Force Trip is a very predictable continuous rocker board and is our go-to choice for beginner wakeboarders. Beginners should use the board with the center fin installed as this helps the board track as you learn edge control.
The Liquid Force RDX features an aggressive three stage rocker to give you more pop, but this makes jumps a little less predictable for beginners. This board is a little looser than the Trip, but is still a good beginner option with the center fin installed.
The Liquid Force Timba features an all wood core, which gives the board a different feel and livelier response than a standard foam core board. The continuous rocker allows for smooth edging and a predictable pop off the wake.
The Liquid Force Rhyme features an aggressive three stage rocker with a wood core contributing to a lively response. This board has more flex than the Timba. The Rhyme is fitted with closed-toe bindings, so proper fit is important to reducing the chances of toe injuries.


Sizing: In general, a larger board will be more stable and make it easier to surf without holding on to the rope. However, a board that is too large will be difficult to maneuver. As a general starting point, these are the recommended weight ranges for the Happy Pill.

4’2”Up to 150 lbs.
4’6”120-190 lbs.
4’10”170-220 lbs.
5’4”190-250 lbs.

A look at a board’s total fin surface area is a good general indication of how loose a board will feel on the water – less fin area means a board will be prone to sliding sideways. This is desired by some riders, but beginners are typically more comfortable on boards with larger fins.

Wakesurfers at MBAC

With a full, round shape and quad fin set up, the Liquid Force Happy Pill is stable yet snappy and maneuverable. This is a really forgiving and fun board and is our go-to board for beginners.
As a skim-style wakesurfer the Liquid Force Primo has less rocker and less fin area than the Happy Pill. This leads to a faster, looser feel on the water, especially when set up with the single center fin.
The outline of the Liquid Force Pod is similar to the Happy Pill, but the Pod adds a single to double concave on the bottom and carbon honeycomb side fins. This leads to fast, lively board with snappy turns.
Featuring a wide midsection and flat bottom shape, the O’Brien Haze is a fast and stable board. The thruster fin setup offers a different feeling in turns compared to the quad-finned Happy Pill and Pod.
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