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Reservations not required… but recommended

MBAC Dockmaster

Call up to 24 hours in advance to reserve a boat if you have pre-purchased rentals on your account.

If you have been to Mission Bay Aquatic Center in recent days, then you know this great San Diego weather has caused us to be very busy and we occasionally run out of certain pieces of equipment for rental. Many people do not know that you can call ahead to reserve equipment if you already have pre-purchased rentals on your account.

To take advantage of this great benefit, purchase a package of 3 or 6 uses, call us up to 24 hours ahead of your rental, and you’re set! We will hold the equipment for you to ensure that it is available when you arrive. Just be sure to show up within 45 minutes of your reservation time or your equipment might be released and your account will be deducted one rental.

An additional benefit of pre-purchasing rental uses is that all your forms will be taken care of at the time of purchase so when you come to rent, all you will have to do is leave your ID at the front desk and you’ll be on your way!

3 and 6 rental use packages can be purchased at the MBAC front desk.  Rental uses can be used for any piece of equipment that you are checked off to use, as well as sit-on-top kayaks and stand up paddleboards.  Head down to the Mission Bay Aquatic Center to purchase your rental use package today!


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