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Register for watersports credit classes before school starts and save time

Lovin surf class

Hey SDSU and USD students! Did you know you can sign up for your college credit watersports classes at MBAC as part of your normal registration? It may not be your typical class but the benefits to your mind and body can change your outlook on another busy semester.

While many students add their watersports activities classes after the start of the semester and finding out they need more units, many students choose to plan their schedule to leave room for a weekly break from the books to get out on the water.  By registering online during normal registration, you save yourself the effort of adding the class during the late add period.   More convenience means more time to get all your tasks accomplished during the busy start of the semester.

To add a class during the normal registration period at SDSU, simply browse the Exercise and Nutritional Sciences (ENS) schedule in Webportal, and find a class that fits in your schedule.  The first class meeting will be held on campus at the normally scheduled time in the AMC classrooms in front of the Aztec Rec Center.  All subsequent classes will meet at MBAC.

At USD the process is similar on MySanDiego, however, the units are listed under Education Recreation (EDRC) by sport, and then you will need to select a day and time to attend your class in that subject at MBAC.  There will be an informational meeting held on the USD campus during the first week of school, schedule TBA.

If you do choose to wait until your schedule is settled after the start of the semester and add your class during the late add period, you can do so by picking up an add code at the MBAC tent on Campanile Walk during the first 2 weeks of school (at SDSU) or by seeing us at the University Center tent (at USD).

Of course if you are not a student at SDSU or USD you are welcome to take the semester-long course without receiving college credit, however, enrollment priority is granted to current students.

To view the schedule of MBAC Fall College Credit Classes  please visit

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