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MBAC bids farewell to a man who contributed so much

he world recently said goodbye to man whose contributions have helped shape MBAC in many ways. On June 21, Bruce Rifkin died at age 58 due to complications from multiple sclerosis after putting up a tough fight. Bruce graduated San Diego State University, and became one of the earliest employees at Mission Bay Aquatic Center where he worked for years as the Marine Maintenance Supervisor. He had great craftsman skills and constructed keels for America’s Cup boats. He also designed and oversaw construction of the boat on display in the Point Loma library.

After leaving MBAC as an employee Bruce still played an integral part in disabled watersports in San Diego.  He designed and constructed many of the adaptive watersports equipment still being used at MBAC today to allow persons with disabilities to enjoy watersports.  Bruce ironically organized and helped run the National MS Society Day at the Bay, a day of sailing and fun for persons with MS and their families. His ashes were returned to the sea in a small private ceremony with family members and close friends last month.  His legacy in shaping MBAC is felt daily by the users and staff at the center and will not be forgotten.

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