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8 reasons to buy a Nautique from the used boat sale

There are probably a million reasons why you should buy one of the Nautiques from the used boat sale. Here are a few that top the list.

Reason 1- You will look cooler than that other guy


You know that guy we’re talking about. The one that has loaded all of his friends into his outboard motor fishing boat to create a “huge” wake. The boats we’re selling have an integrated ballast system that can add 906 pounds of ballast to create a perfect wake. You’ll be able to cruise comfortably in a beautiful boat.
Reason 2- These boats put safety first
With an inboard V-drive engine, the propeller sits far away from the swim step, ensuring that wakeboarders and swimmers are kept clear from all moving parts. Don’t spend less money on a boat with an outdrive motor and sacrifice safety.
Reason 3- Your 50 new friends
As soon as you hop aboard your very own Nautique, friends will come flocking. New, old, near and far your friends will want to spend way more time with you. And your boat. Good thing there’s a max capacity of 12 people so you will be able to take a few of them out all at once.
Reason 4- Practice makes you pro
With your very own Nautique you will be able to wakeboard as much as you want! With the amount of time you will spend landing new tricks behind this boat, you could be pro in no time! Professional riders like Bob Soven, Shawn Watson, and Shaun Murray ride behind Nautiques, so these boats must be good.
Reason 5- Because we care about these boats
Countless hours have been spent maintaining these boats. Being watersport professionals, we want to make sure our equipment is kept in pristine condition. These boats are removed from saltwater and thoroughly cleaned after every use. We have an entire staff dedicated to making sure these boats are kept in great condition so that our customers (and now YOU!) are able to enjoy them for years to come.
Reason 6- Because we dare you to find another 2013 Nautique at a lower price
These boats typically sell for $80,000+ and have not even been prepared for saltwater use. Our boats are much more affordable and have been equipped for use in Mission Bay or any other body of saltwater.
Reason 7- It’s an award-winning boat.
For the ninth year in a row, the National Marine Manufacturers Association recognized Nautique for excellence in customer satisfaction in the Inboard Watersports Boat category. Nautique has also won a J.D. Power & Associates award for customer satisfaction among ski/wakeboard owners seven times. You will NOT be disappointed with a Nautique wakeboarding boat.
Reason 8- Your kids will WANT to hang out with you.
There is nothing cooler than having a family boat. Your kids will definitely think you’re the cool parents when you take them and their friends out on the water. If you ask any adult that grew up with a boat most of their favorite and best childhood memories are boating with their family.
Visit to pick your boat or give Kevin Straw a call at (858) 488-1000 to see one in person!
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