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Add some fun to your schedule this spring

Preview of Surfing student profile videoLooking to add some fun and excitement to your spring semester? SDSU ENS watersports classes are a great way to round out your schedule learning a new sport, making friends, and having fun in the midst of a hectic school schedule.  With many days and times to choose from there are many seats available and you won’t have to nervously anticipate if you will be added from a waitlist. 

Every semester hundreds of SDSU students take advantage of being able to enjoy learning a watersport and earning one unit of credit.  Over the course of the semester you will quickly learn new skills while having a fun learning experience in an amazing outdoor environment.


The deadline to add ENS watersports classes is February 2nd at 3pm.  Get on the waitlist before 3pm to ensure your spot.  We will be having a special enrollment period for ENS 146- Surfing sections and ENS 145- Wakeboarding and Waterskiing sections until 11:55pm on February 2nd.  Get on the waitlist before 11:55pm for ENS145 or ENS 146 and we will be up late adding seats!

Watersport credit classes are especially popular with international students who want to get a taste of what living in San Diego is all about and are able to share photos with their friends back home of their Southern California experience.   Check out the video below where an SDSU international student from Denmark shares her experience participating in an ENS surfing class this past semester.

Add some fun to your schedule and check out the ENS Watersports Class schedule to pick an exciting class to experience this semester. Comment below to tell us which class you want to take this semester.

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