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Take part in our STEM double header on President’s Day Weekend!

ROV Design Challenge

If you are looking for plans this President’s Day weekend, how about spending the day at MBAC for some outdoor fun with STEM? On Sunday, February 16th we will be offering a double feature of two of our STEM Explorations youth classes: Think Like a Scientist from 9:00am-11:30am and our ROV Design Challenge from 12:00pm-2:30pm. There will be a supervised lunch break for students participating in a full day of STEM classes.

During Think Like a Scientist students will learn about the scientific process as they explore the characteristics of water that scientists study when researching water quality. Using the same tools and methods, students will take their own water samples to understand how features such as temperature, pH, and water clarity impact the animals that inhabit the ocean, and how these features change based on location and over time.

Our ROV Design Challenge gives students the opportunity to work as a group to design and build an underwater remote operated vehicle (ROV). They will learn the challenges of underwater exploration before planning and constructing their vehicles, which they will launch, test, and adjust from the dock adjacent to MBAC. This activity encourages student-driven learning and experimentation, and never fails to amaze staff with the creative designs and solutions students come up with!

The classes are available on their own for just $35, or register for both classes and save 25% (discount applies in cart)!

In addition to the STEM activities on Sunday, we are also offering a Youth Wakesports Session on Saturday where participants can kneeboard, tube, or wakeboard to their heart’s content. Learn more at

Schedule some STEM fun this President’s Day weekend today at

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