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Top 10 reasons to take an ENS watersports class

We’ve listed some of our top reasons to take an ENS watersports class at SDSU.

1. Largest classroom at SDSU

mbac_overheadWhile ENS280 can hold 500 students, nothing compares to the outdoors. Mission Bay provides a unique opportunity for you to get out of a typical “classroom” setting.

2. You might meet your future soulmate

valentines2Many students that take these classes share common interests., and because of that,  many people have met their forever soulmate in our classes… and if you don’t find the love of your life, at least you might discover your love for a new watersport!

3. You will make a lot of new friends

Make New Friends

Whether you spend your entire first day paddling in circles, or getting pummeled by the waves while surfing, you are bound to bond over the unique experience of learning a watersport. Our classes are open to all majors from all colleges including USD, UCSD, PLNU and more, so you can  take the same class as your friend at a different school, while making new friends.

4. Learn something new

Keelboat SailingHere at MBAC we want to teach you something you can enjoy for life. Our goal is to teach you about watersports, whether it is a sport you have never tried before or one you want to learn more about, we want to be a part of your learning experience.

5. Make the most of living in America’s Finest City

Learn to SurfLiving in San Diego comes with the expectation of knowing how to surf. Our ENS classes give you the opportunity to learn this impressive skill. Take advantage of living in sunny San Diego where we are lucky enough that we can play in the water year-round!

6. Boost your GPA

boost your gpa (2 of 1)While taking an ENS class you can receive 1 unit of college credit at SDSU. Doing well in these classes gives you the potential to boost your GPA.

7. These classes are a whole lot of fun

lots of friends (2 of 1)Spending part of your day with friends on or in the water is a great way to relieve stress and have some fun. While some people think quantum physics and thermodynamics are fun, we prefer sailing and surfing.

8. Potential job opportunities

Job OpportunitiesMany of our instructors started out by taking an ENS class and finding a passion for that sport that they want to share with others. Taking an ENS class is a great way to learn about the sport, how our classes work, and our facility. Many times we recruit our best students to become MBAC instructors.

9. The start of a lifelong passion

learn something new (2 of 1)After learning how to sail or wakeboard you may find your new obsession. What starts out as an opportunity to learn a new watersport often turns into a lifelong passion.

10. This is the most affordable way to learn a watersport

Affordable ClassesMany places charge the same price for a one-day class that we charge for a 15-week class. There is nowhere else that you can surf, sail, wakeboard, SUP, and more for less than what we charge. Plus, some classes are cheaper than textbooks!

These are just a few of our favorite reasons to take an ENS watersports class. If we’ve convinced you, register for an ENS watersports class. Feel free to add your top reason in the comments below. 

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